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    Central Coast's family friendly club.


    Welcome to Central Allstars… the home of Allstar cheerleading on the Central Coast, NSW. We are a family friendly club that offers a range of competitive and non competitive classes - for all ages and no experience is required! We have fully qualified and accredited staff that are here to make you shine! Cheerleading is an american style sport consisting of stunting, tosses, tumbling and dance. It is growing at a rapid pace and will be sure to bring out your personality!!!!

    At Central Allstars you will be part of a family that will lift you higher and take you way beyond your years of Cheerleading!

    We will be entering our seventh competitive cheerleading season in 2023 and we are so excited!

    We welcome you to our family!!!!

  • Cheerleading

    Making friends for life

    What is Allstar Cheerleading

    The ultimate TEAM sport that helps you grow CONFIDENCE!

    All star cheerleading is a competitive team sport including stunting, tumbling and dance. There are all girl and co-ed teams, including all ages participating in a 2.30 minute routine, competing against other clubs around Australia. This sport brings out the best as the team has to work together to fight for the stunts, coordinate and time each movement! Allstar Cheerleading has many national as well as International competitions. Cheerleading is growing each year in Australia and it is amazing to see the personalities of each individual shine in a sport.

  • Teams

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    2023 TIMETABLE!

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    GYM Location:


    (Please park on the street and walk up driveway)


    PRIVATE TUMBLING BOOKINGS are available and can be arranged through admin@centralallstars.com


    Levels and Requirements

    There are a total of 7 levels in All Star Cheerleading and many divisions. There are the following age/team divisions:

    • Tiny (3-6 years)
    • Mini (4- 8 years)
    • Youth (5- 12 years)
    • Junior (7-15 years)
    • Senior (11-18 years)
    • Open (Age 14 and over)

    Level 1

    Stunting requirements: No experience required (will learn all you need to in class)

    Tumbling requirements: No experience required (will learn all you need to in class)


    Level 2

    Stunting requirements: Be familiar with the stunting positions of backing, basing and flying. This is prep level and extension level stunts. Baskets (tosses) are also introduced in this level.

    Tumbling requirements: Standing back handspring, round-off back handspring


    Level 3

    Stunting requirements: Stunting in level 3 starts the cheerleaders to twist and flip whilst stunting. It also starts to introduce single leg stunts whilst in an extended position (libs)

    Tumbling requirements: Jumps connected to back handspring, multiple back handsprings in a row, round-off back handspring tuck.


    Level 4

    Stunting requirements: Dual (two people) lib full downs, full up to extension, double downs, switch up - lib - full down, double twist basket, kick full basket are just to name a few stunting requirements

    Tumbling requirements: Standing tuck, 2 x back handspring tuck, round-off back handspring layout


    Level 5

    Stunting requirements: 1.5 or double ups to extension (two leg or one leg), kick double baskets, kick full kick full basket, flips and twisting whilst in stunts/pyramids - very high level skill

    Tumbling requirements: Jumps connected to standing tuck, round-off back handspring full/double twist, arabians, front somi step outs, 2 or 3 back handsprings to full/double twist, standing full

  • Who We Are

    meet the team

    Lauren Gosson

    Owner and Head Coach

    Lauren Gosson is The Gym Director of Central Allstars.

    Growing up as an elite gymnast, representing NSW several times, training up to 30 hours a week was her childhood. It was throughout these years she realised how important goals, dreams and believing in yourself really is. Lauren went on to coach gymnastics for several years, coaching her elite squads and taking them to multiple competitions. In 2010 Lauren entered the world of Allstar Cheerleading and fell in love! "Let me tell you this sport is unbelievable….!" Lauren worked at Gymstars on Sydney’s Northern beaches. She has taken 2 All Girl Level 5 teams to the World Championships in Florida, USA at Disney where they placed 12th in their division.


    Lauren's Favourite Quote is:

    "Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all... LOVE of what you are doing""


    Remember this is your moment!!!



    Lauren is USASF Level 1-4 Accredited and has a current Working with Children Check and First Aid Certificate.

    Tamira Cohn-Hedges


    Tamira is a Coach at Central Allstars.

    Tamira is full of love, passion and determination. Tamira radiates positive energy and has an exceptional outlook on life, Her can do attitude will be sure to rub off on you! She has a love for teaching kids in a safe environment and helps little cheerleaders achieve their goals.


    As a Cheerleader herself she knows what it takes to over come obstacles and work as a team!


    Tamira's Favourite Quote is:

    "Never give up, achieving your goals takes great determination and once you get there the feeling is indescribable"


    Tamira is USASF Level 3 accredited and has a current Working with Children Check and First Aid Certificate.

    Kristie Morris

    Administration Manager

    Kristie is the Administration Manager at Central Allstars.

    You will find her at the front desk welcoming you to our gym!

    You can ask her any questions about Cheerleading, Tumbling and Competitive Teams as she has been around the sport for many years!

    She is a true asset to our team and all of the athletes adore her!


    Kristie's Favourite Quote is:

    "You don’t have to be amazing to start, but you have to start to be amazing"


    Kristie is USUAF Level 1 accredited and has a current Working with Children Check and First Aid Certificate.

    Lindsay Gosson

    Accounts Manager

    Lindsay is the Co Owner of Central Allstars with his Wife Lauren and also the Accounts Manager at Central Allstars!


    He is available to answer all money questions!


    He is a true asset to our team!


    Lindsay's Favourite Quote is:

    " Just do it"


    Lindsay has a current Working with Children Check and First Aid Certificate.


    Cheerleading/Tumbling Birthday Parties...having fun whilst learning!

    Cheerleading Birthday Parties

    Central Allstars provides cheerleading birthday parties for ages 4 years and older. We have qualified and passionate staff that will run a safe and exciting party. The party will consist of stunting, tumbling, routine elements and games. This is the perfect way to celebrate your special day with your closest friends whilst having fun and learning a new sport!


    Duration: 2 hours in total (1.5 hours cheerleading workshop and 30 mins time for cake and food. All food and cake must be supplied by yourself)


    Cost: $300 (15 kids max - additional children are $10 per head)


    Please contact us to book your next birthday party!!!

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